Doctor Who: Harvest of Time


I mainly bought this as it was read by Geoffrey Beevers and I think he has an excellent voice. As it turns out it is in fact a Doctor Who story of truly epic proportions. I should think it would have to be an 8 or 9 part story if it had been done in the old days. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ll probably be looking out anymore by the same writer and also stories read by Mr Beevers too.

And that was Oxted Beer Festival


And a very nice beer festival it was too.

Another thing made by me using Korg’s Gadget app

Like so many things I do this started off in a very different direction to the one it ended up being. Never mind. I still quite like it though

Film: The Edge of Tomorrow

I thought that Tom Cruise’s last film, Oblivion, wasn’t too bad, and I’d enjoyed the trailers for this film so I thought I’d better get along to see it before it left the cinema. Actually, I thought it was very good. It wasn’t pretentious, it lived up to expectations and it left me at the end of the film knowing exactly where we’d got to and not to expect anything else.

I really liked it. I thought it was well constructed, with some nice surprises and a good clear story.

Untreated Expression, made in Korg Gadget

Patchblocks at NIME 2014

Shows what you can do with these little things.

Beyond the Border 2014


I thought I’d post a couple of pictures from this year’s Beyond the Border. I was there on the Saturday and Sunday and it was lovely although I think it has changed a bit over the years.

I plan to post some of the highlights as well when I get some time, but these were a couple of nice shots just to start off with.



Brute LFO and Molecule Synth

I do like using this app with stuff. You can get some really interesting sounds and effects from the various modules in my molecule synth.

I do like a local festival


Little local festivals can be a load of fun. Just like this one was the other week. A lovely sunny weekend (mostly) and some nice music (mostly). What could be better?

I found the most amazing thing ever, the Onion Bhajee Scotch Egg


Yeah, I didn’t believe that they were for real either. But they are, and they taste amazing! I got one at the Beyond the Border festival this weekend, which is a great place to be by the way.

Not sure about the spelling of Bhajee though.

Something new in Automation: A Few Words — Playing with URLs in Launch Center Pro 2.3

Here’s something new for my Automation obsession:

“A Few Words — Playing with URLs in Launch Center Pro 2.3”

Via A Few Words — Playing with URLs in Launch Center Pro 2.3 .

Something new in Automation: Spreadsheet data entry with Launch Center Pro and IFTTT

Here’s something new for my Automation obsession:

“Spreadsheet data entry with Launch Center Pro and IFTTT”

Via Spreadsheet data entry with Launch Center Pro and IFTTT .

Film: Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit

I really liked “The Hunt for Red October”. The two subsequent Jack Ryan films weren’t so good though. I think that this version is the second re-boot of these stories in film. Chris Pine seems like quite a good choice for the central character. It wasn’t a bad film either. Not amazing, not terrible by any standards. I think it’s interesting to see Chris Pine involved in his second re-booted film series. Firstly Star Trek, which has been an amazing restart, and now this franchise. I wonder if the Jack Ryan films will take off again?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if it gets another film, and if they decide to re-make any of the previous films.

Something new in Automation: My Launch Center Pro Setup

Here’s something new for my Automation obsession:

“My Launch Center Pro Setup”

Via My Launch Center Pro Setup .

Big Finish: Survivors – Esther


The final episode in this excellent first set or series from Big Finish didn’t fail to deliver at all. A great climax (I won’t tell you what happens), and a great set up for the next set of episodes which I am now patiently waiting for.

Of course, this version has just given me a taste for the other versions again, so I started watching the last BBC version on netflix, and I think I might have to buy the original on DVD.

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