All the tracks from the NOiZE sessions at SoundLab BOC

Awesome sounds, great software.

Edinburgh Fringe: Shakespeare for Breakfast

This is one of my favourite shows at the Fringe. One of those that I always go to see. Which ever play, or indeed, whatever number of them are mashed up it’s always good. Always fun, always inventive. This year was no different at all. It was a great show, lots of popular culture references and plenty of mentions about the referendum too.

Shakespeare for Breakfast has become an institution and long may it continue.

National Theatre: Medea

This has got to be one of the best productions I’ve seen in ages. When I say seen, what I actually mean is that I saw it via the National Theatre Live rather than being there in person. Having said that, it’s a pretty good experience. It isn’t as good as actually being there, but it is a very very close second.

The production itself was, in my opinion, flawless. The music, the individual performances, the set, the choreography, all completely brilliant. But by far the best was the lead play by Helen McCrory was stunning. It isn’t often you see a performance with this depth and conviction. Completely believable and completely stunning. I was mesmerised.

Also the music was excellent and worked so well with the physical elements of the production.

In hindsight, I wish I had actually been at the NT to see it, but it wasn’t possible. However, it has made me much more aware of other productions that I really should try and get to.

John Foxx and Steve D’Agostino: Evidence of Time Travel


I’ve been patiently waiting for this album and it has arrived early, which is wonderful. Although it’s an instrumental album I already like it. It has a typical Foxx feel to it and I think it’ll grow on me a lot. More plays of this next week I think.

Our SoundLab installation at the Tunnel of Love (RFH)

I meant to post these pictures a while back, but didn’t get around to it. It was a great event, and a really good pre-cursor to the Beautiful Octopus Club last week.

Studio Amplify’s NOiZE app at the Royal Festival Hall for the Beautiful Octopus Club

Recording of the Ethometric Museum

I think I’ve posted about this before. It was an amazing performance on both occasions I saw it. First in Edinburgh at the Fringe and subsequently at Battersea Arts Centre.

You can find out more about the Ethometric museum here, together with pictures here and here.

Spiro: Pole Star

I do like the music of Spiro. In fact I have a couple of their albums and I saw them live at WOMAD a few years ago and really enjoyed them. So I was glad to hear that they had another album coming out on the Real World label. I thought I’d listen to it on Spotify first and see what it was like. Well, whilst I liked it, I have to say that it did sound a lot like their other albums. I suppose that isn’t really a bad thing. They do have a very definitive sound.

Edinburgh Fringe: The Ukulele Evangelists Bang One Out

This show was one of those that you really only get to see at Edinburgh. Unique is the only word to describe it I think. It was a joy to watch. Inventive, funny and just full of surprises and fun. I did get the impression that the audience didn’t entirely know what to make of it, which in itself was quite funny. But I loved it, and I think that it’s shows like this that are what keep the Edinburgh Fringe fresh and alive.

And that was the Beautiful Octopus


What an amazing night it was. But I thought I had to get a picture of the Octopus itself. I’ll be posting lots more about the event soon enough.

And then this arrived …


Which I’ve been so looking forward to hearing.

Looking back at my sounds: Vertigo

A track made on my iPhone 3G using iSequence, JR Hexatone Pro, Noise IO Pro, Star Guitar, Star Piano, Star Melody and Beatmaker to pull all the samples together.

It isn’t a very complex track, I was just experimenting with putting loops together from lots of different apps.

Yep, that was the day I met Prince Edward


Always good to meet new people of course, but it was very nice to see HRH Prince Edward visit our SoundLab stand at the Liberty Festival. We was actually quite interested in what we were doing as well which was nice. In fact, he even took my business card. I wonder if that’ll lead anywhere?

More old tracks from my SoundCloud account: Twinkle

Another track from my SoundCloud back catalogue. Made again in Bhajis Loops on a Palm T3.

SoundLab Digital Band at the RFH Tunnel of Love

Using two Thereminis, a Microsoft Kinnect, two iPads and Ableton Live in the middle of everything we made some lovely noises in the Tunnel of Love in July.

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