Edinburgh Fringe: The Bunker Trilogy – Agamemnon


This was one of if not the best show I saw in Edinburgh this year. The Agamemnon is one of my favourite plays, as is the Orestia as a whole, but this version, set in a World War One bunker was incredible. The audience was actually placed inside the bunker with the cast and the proximity and intensity of the production made this a completely one off experience.

The performances were excellent. The set was brilliant. Yes, it probably was the best thing I saw all week.

This is why Loop Producer was so great

When you watch this you may (or may not) agree that this was actually pretty far ahead of it’s time for what it was trying to achieve. I love the fact that you can replay whole performances and just watch what you did.

Thinking about Ototo and MIDI


After a little while of playing with the Ototo and enjoying what it can do I now want to attach it to some gear to play with it via MIDI. So my next experiments will be using Ototo to drive apps and other devices over MIDI and we’ll see where that takes me.

I saw this lovely little exhibition in Edinburgh

And I thought I should share some of the images. They’re by an artist called Jo McDonald and you can find his site at www.jomcdonald.co.uk.

Getting going with the Romo again


It’s been a long time since I was able to post about anything to do with robotics, so it’s great to be messing about with Romo again. There’s a few things I’ve got planned to try out with Romo.

Expect experiments in due course.

Edinburgh Fringe: Sherlock Holmes The Hound of the Baskervilles

This was a great one man show. I do like some Sherlock Holmes and this performance really delivered. Great accents and characterisation with a minimal set. I always find it interesting to see how different companies interpret Holmes. From the TV versions in the US and the UK, to the films, all of which I like in their own ways. However, I do think that stage is a great way to see Holmes, and this was a lovely production. Really well done.

Another wet bank holiday Monday

Like so many others I’ve been watching the weather to see what the bank holiday will be like, and, as per the forecast it’s dismal. Totally dismal. I had planned to go to a lovely little local music festival for the day, but sadly I don’t think that would be much fun at all now. It’s a huge shame and I’m sure that other people have had their days spoiled in much worse than mine, so there’s nothing to do but put a brave face on it and find something to do indoors!

Edinburgh Fringe: Casual Violence – The Great Fire of Nostril

This was the first show of the week in a fairly packed schedule. Well it certainly was funny. A good example of a fun fringe show that almost certainly wouldn’t work elsewhere, but at the fringe is just ideal.

I enjoyed it although it really didn’t make much sense at all, and probably it didn’t need to.

New music from me: Sectorism

I recorded a loop from Figure and put it into Sector. I linked the MIDI clock with Effectrix and this is what happened.

The Edinburgh Fringe

I do love the fringe and this year it was just as good as usual. Full of surprises and not all of them good. It’s one of those completely pot luck experiences that is at once enjoyable and confusing and disappointing too, but I wouldn’t really have it any other way. The fringe is what it is.

In fact I’m not entirely sure that there’s anything quite like it anywhere else. Edinburgh bulges with people during the fringe and it seems that everyone is putting on a show or trying to force a leaflet about a show into your hands. Everyone and everywhere is busy and there’s never a point where there’s nothing going on. It’s fun.

This year I saw a lot of shows and as usual some were good, some were average, and some were downright awful. I won’t dwell on those that were truly dreadful, but over the next few days I’ll post about the ones that were really good and worth mentioning in case you get to see them.

Live editing of patches on my Shruthi-1 using Patch Morpher

Meeblip Anode driven by Phaedra via iRig MIDI 2

BeatSurfing working with MIDI Vampire through iRig MIDI 2

Arturia BeatStep sequencing Thumbjam on an iPhone 5

Brute LFO and the molecule synth

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