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A little keyboard

I bought this little keyboard for my San Francisco Android phone. It works great with my iPhone 4, it pairs straight away and works like a dream. However, the San Francisco won’t see it at all and I can’t seem to find any software for it only. Maybe I’ll get it working tomorrow.

Trying out Artisteer

I’ve been meaning to get a better template for this blog, but I don’t really want to get my head deep into WordPress theme making, so I thought I’d try out Artisteer, and it isn’t half bad you know. Really quite straightforward for making WordPress themes and it does more beside, although I’m not entire sure I’ll use much more of the functionality.

So if you see a new look here in the next week or two, you’ll know how I did it.

Listening to Zagreus

This is one hell of a story. The cast is amazing, and the whole thing runs over 3 CDs. Amazing. I’m hoping to finish listening to it today. I’ll let you know what it’s link.

TV is where the next tech revolution will be

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff over the last few days about what’s happening in TV. Especially about Samsung and their latest upgradable offering with gesture and facial recognition. All very impressive stuff. But, in many ways just a meshing of existing technologies from other sectors and form factors and nothing (as far as I can see) that is unique to or for the TV experience. Which is a shame really.

I’m not sure if I share the pundit’s view that TV is the next battle ground. It may be. It is certainly an area where there is plenty of room for innovation, which is in one way very good for the consumer, and in another very bad, as there will be winners and losers in a market land grab for TV, and some technologies will fall even if they are good.

So in some ways it’s a good time to buy a new TV and in others it isn’t. Maybe I’ll wait a couple of months or more.

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