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Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

I’d listened to ‘The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul’ a while back, so just the other day I bought myself ‘Holistic Detective Agency’. I think that’s out of sequence, but I doubt that it matters much. Anyway, I started listening to it today. So far, it makes no sense to me whatsoever. Excellent start. As expected.

I’m still hoping for the BBC to make more Dirk Gently after the pilot episode, but no news so far.

Inception (the app this time)

I’ve been using this off and on over the last few days and I think I’m actually enjoying it more than I did when it first came out. I’d deleted it off my iPhone so I’d lost all the ‘dreams’ that I’d unlocked, but that doesn’t really matter.

I really love the whole augmented audio concept, and couple with the fact that I really love Inception the movie, the app is a natural fit.

Haven’t got on so well with their Dimensions app so far though. Perhaps I should give it another try.

Today’s listen: Dali’s Car, The Waking Hour

I can still remember when this first came out. I was so impressed, even though it is a relatively short album, and their only release, it was an amazing listen and still is to this day. Not just for Karn’s fantastic bass and Pete Murphy’s amazing voice, but the range of textures and rhythms that each track has.

It is such a shame that Mick passed away before they could make a wholly new album. There is some material as yet to be released, and I hope that’ll be this year. It’s a must buy for me, but if you don’t know the Waking Hour, then you should.


Some photos from another Science Museum trip.


I hadn’t watched this film for a long time, and it’s still great But you couldn’t make a film like that now. It is just too slow, too leisurely in the telling of the story. Personally I like that, but it doesn’t seem to work too often now.

I did read 2061 and 3001 although I thought that they weren’t as good as Clarke’s first two stories.

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