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New Martyn Bennett album arrives then disappears!

I was amazed to hear this morning that a new album of Martyn’s work was being released. I checked iTunes on my phone and there it was, so imagine how disappointed I was to get home and find that it isn’t on iTunes anymore for some reason. I’ve no idea why, and all I want to do is get a quick listen to it and then I’d probably buy it, but for now that’s not possible.

According to his site it’s available though.

A RISCy business

Another excellent and experimental application for making strange music, which is of course what I love to do. The app is from Nick Collins who’s made some excellent apps for iOS.

RISCy - Nicholas Collins

David Sylvian, A Victim of Stars, and thoughts about curation

I was listening to this compilation on Friday and I really enjoyed it for the most part. Which I found strange. I didn’t find it strange that I liked the individual songs, I knew those and knew that I liked them, but the order that they were in created a different feel to listening to them, and that made me think.

It made me remember the mixtape, that is, when it was an actual tape and not a digital representation of a tape. Curating (if that’s the right word for it) tracks together in a specific order can quite easily change their meaning or at least adapt it for a different purpose.

I found listening to Sylvian’s tracks in the order in this compilation gave them a different meaning in a way for me. Not a totally different meaning you understand, but something subtle. It also made me remember mixtape’s where they were in a different order and what tracks followed which was strange too.

I’m not entirely sure where this leads, but I think it’s interesting in itself, that’s all.

Space play

Another more experimental app that I like to mess around with, and was doing so over a coffee recently. I do love the strange agency’s work it is so interesting and creative. They always have excellent ideas.

Sound Scope Space - The Strange Agency LLC

March on the Sylvian calendar

Nice picture. Nice calendar

Palm DOSBox

I found this from one of the very early posts on Palm Sounds and after a bit of searching around I found a PRC file for it (that’s a Palm OS executable file). So I’m going to give it a go and see what can be done with it. That’s if it works at all.


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