Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

App revisit: 8Bitone

I decided to revisit 8bitone after ever such a long time. To be honest I could never get my head around this app when it came out and never managed to make anything that was even vaguely satisfying. I thought that when I went back to it I might find it easier, but no, I still don’t get it as yet, which makes me really annoyed!

It’s a shame, as Yudo were so promising in the early iOS days, but they’ve just disappeared from that whole scene now. I guess that happens, but I still see it as a lost opportunity.

Getting the Donut

Now that I’m back to using my iPad for music again I thought I’d have another go at Donut, and suddenly, it really clicked. I used it to record some vocal cut ups and it was wonderful, or that is to say, I really enjoyed it anyway.

I really do love The Strange Agency. They’re amazing!

That was a good day

I found this badge in my coat pocket. It was from the Music 4.5 conference I was at and spoke at. I really enjoyed the event and there was a lot of very interesting information shared there, but I think most of all I enjoyed the people.

So it was good to remember the day when I pulled this out of my pocket and thought about some of the things I might do as a result.


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