Using MegaCurtis

I’ve been playing with this new app from The Strange Agency and already I love it, especially the session recording. It’s excellent.

MegaCurtis - The Strange Agency LLC

5 Responses to Using MegaCurtis

  • Tom_TM says:

    What a shame this doesn’t work with a 3GS. :(

  • Tom_TM says:

    PS nice to see you still mobile music blogging Ashley! :)

    • Ashley says:

      Hey Tom, fantastic to hear from you. I know what you mean about this app on a 3GS. I can feel my iPhone 4 slowing down too.

      Can’t help writing about mobile music stuff though. How are you?

  • Tom_TM says:

    Hi Ashley.

    I’m okay. Got a bit of a bad cold though.

    I knew you wouldn’t last long! But this is nicer here I think. More personal. It’s also good to see that you haven’t sold on Palm Sounds to someone else. I think that a was wise move. (I presume that’s what you’ve not done, seeing it’s still there?) :)

    I’ve bought a secondhand Palm T5- which is only running one downloaded app (can you guess?!) Hopefully I’ll find some time soon to write some more things. I’ve actually got many songs but most of them are more ideas than finished articles. But it was really refreshing listening to all of them again, and somehow the Palm has a certain sound that I can’t quite get with an iPhone.

    One more thing…

    My brother and I are also writing some more iPad music apps, so I’ll keep you posted on any developments.


    • Ashley says:

      Indeed, it is more personal. I’m really glad you’re in touch again.

      I had quite a few offers to buy Palm Sounds, but in the end I decided not to go with any of them. It didn’t feel right, and I think I would have regretted it in the end.

      Glad to hear you’re returning to Bhajis. I know exactly what you mean about having unfinished tracks, I suffer from that too, but I’m hoping to have some songs finished soon. I’ll let you know when there’s something to listen to.

      Love to hear more about your app plans.

      Oh, and in can you don’t have them there are a couple of additional effects plug ins for Bhajis that were I think the only ones made by someone other than Olivier. They’re not available online anywhere but I think I have them. If you’re interested then just let me know. They’re not brilliant, but you never know, they might be useful to you.

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