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Not 1 but 4 new Palm OS apps to investigate

How’s that for a spot of luck. I was continuing to add sites to my Pearltrees collection on mobile music and stumbled over this site which has a bunch of .prc files available for free download.

I’ll be taking a look at all of them and posting some thoughts over the next few days. If you’re interested in taking a look the site is here.

An old song, but one that brings back good memories

I listened to this a few days ago and it brought back so many good memories that I decided that I should post it to SoundCloud and let others enjoy it, or not of course, as the case may be.

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy it.

A Shada unabridged

Well, I finally started to listen to this 10 CD story yesterday. The whole thing runs to just over 11 hours, but then it is an unabridged version. Also, it’s narrated and not a full cast drama, which I would have preferred, but never mind.

So far the story is pretty recognisable against the big finish / Paul McGann version, so that’s fine, although there are a few differences. Anyway, I’m enjoying hearing the story again, and that’s why I bought it after all.

Sunvox is awesome on the iPad 3

Returning to my iPad 3 and finding lots of apps that I really enjoyed again. Sunvox being a good example although I can’t wait to see the live recording and other stuff Alex has in store for version 1.7.

Real Steel

I watched this on Friday night and had relatively low expectations of it. However, I have to admit to really enjoying it. Sure, it’s a slightly cheesy feel good film which is very family orientated, but if you know what you’re getting what’s wrong with that? Nothing in my book.

I thought that whilst it was relatively predictable it was thoroughly enjoyable and very entertaining. Well worth the watch if you ask me.

miniMusic’s birthday?

I have this in my diary as the birthday of miniMusic, the Palm and iOS mobile music company. I think that they’re 13 years old today. Having just checked their site there’s no update there. In fact, the site hasn’t been updated since the 9th of March 2011. It’s a shame. I hope it doesn’t just fade away.

Anyway, assuming that miniMusic sticks around, as I most sincerely hope they do, here’s a very happy birthday to miniMusic.

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