Mick Karn


The last work from Mick Karn and Dalis Car. I got my copy today. It’s signed by Steve Jansen. I’m really looking forward to listening to it.

InGladAloness released on the 20th

New material from Dali’s Car is being released on the 20th of February. I’m really looking forward to the release, especially as it was the last music made by Mick Karn. So I’ve ordered my copy already.

Seems like there’ll be lots of new music this month.

More Karn

I’ve been continuing to listen to Mick Karn’s albums over the last few days. The first two are really the ones I love the most, and his work after that was interesting but I didn’t enjoy it as much with one or two exceptions.

Having said that it’s been really good to listen to his work again and enjoy it together as a complete body of work. I think there’s a lot to be said for that, and this might become an annual occurrence.

Mick Karn: Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters

This is without a doubt my favourite Mick Karn album. It has a great feel to all of the tracks and a real sense of flow from one piece to the next. Every time I listen to it I realise just how much I love this album and I seem to find something new on every listen.

In fact, I may have to listen to it again soon now that I’ve been playing it again for the first time in a while.

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